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Amanda Mlombo

Founder & Director

lives in: Unit 2, Atooms Street, 28 Kya North Park, Randburg, Johannesburg
email: info@blushaffluent.com
phone: +27 64 829 7377

Amanda Mlombo, our interior decorator has always possessed a vision in interior design . Amanda has always been a supporting leg for close friends, family and corporates with her expertise in conceptualizing and bringing to life the authenticity of inspirational interior design.

In addition to her second love, dealing and assisting corporates and individuals with their wealth management. She developed a skill for declutter and organizational design. Amanda, well- travelled mother of two, took on various projects in various stages, she has renovated and designed spaces for investment purposes and in turn developed a rare skill in designing spaces with the idea to assist home owners and corporates to improve investment property, in addition to bespoke design interior that relates to specific goal, objective and strategy.


I love being in beautiful spaces
Amanda Mlombo

Amanda Mlombo founded Blush Consulting as a Property Investment Group in 2016 which gave birth to Blush Affluent Lifestyle in 2018.

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